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We’ve been serving Calgary from the same location in the Avenida Shopping Centre for over 30 years. Pies Plus Cafe is a family owned business that has been passed on at least once to a new generation of pie makers. Pies Plus Cafe’s claim to fame is its 70 year old double pizza oven and 100 year old commercial pastry mixer. As owner Patrick puts it, “they don’t make ’em like they used too”, and the age of both of these machines is a testament to that statement.

"We love Pies Plus. It's one of those places you can spend an hour in, sipping on a latte, and a homemade pie.”

“Their pies are excellent, of course. Light fares are also available (sandwiches, soups). We keep coming back here, and we are never disappointed.”

P. Lope
Patrick Cousineau

Hello! My name is Patrick and I I have owned and operated Pies Plus for nearly 15 years now.

Don’t be afraid to stop and say Hi next time you see me wandering the floor of the restaurant. I love meeting each and every person who comes in and hearing their unique perspective of life.

Something about coffee shops and bars…

Patrick Cousineau
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We are located at Avenida Shopping Centre.
Unit #611
12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE
Calgary, AB T2J 7A4

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Call us(403) 271-6616
Hours of Operation:
 Tuesday – Saturday
8am – 6pm