Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our frequently asked questions below.

Q: How many pieces do you get out of a fruit pie?

A: In Restaurant we serve 6 pieces. We recommend 6-8 which is average, but ultimately, the amount of pieces you get out of each pie depends on the size you choose to cut them – you can cut as many pieces as you like!

Q: Do you deliver?

A: No, but delivery can be arranged for large/custom orders.

Q: How big are your pies?

A: Our dessert pies are a deep dish 9″ pan.

Q: Do I need to pre-order my pie or can I just walk in and buy one?

A: Short answer; no. Long answer, it’s a good idea to. We make between 6-12 different kinds and anywhere between 25-80 pies on any given day to sell to walk in traffic. We do highly encourage you to pre order if you know you are coming in or if there is one particular kind you want to buy, thus ensuring we have it ready for you. Usually only one day ahead is required (there are several exceptions) but up to 5 is ok. We do not usually take orders more than a week in advance unless it is a large/custom order or during seasonal peak times.

Q: What payment do you accept?

A: We accept Cash, Debit/Interac and Cheques. We offer a 10% discount for cash payments. We DO NOT accept Charge/Credit cards.

Q: Do you take reservations?

A: No, we are a first come first served cafe.